r | Youth Ministries

r | Youth Ministries


Welcome to R|Youth! We’re here to help all students find ways to connect with each other and connect with our faith. Join us for any of our fun, fellowship based, faith-filled gatherings this summer.

  • Sunday Worship (9:00a, or 11:00a). Join the whole congregation in praise and worship.
  • Sunday School (10:00a). We gather together to fellowship and learn more about God’s word.
  • Wednesday Game Nights (6-7:30). Join us Wednesday for a fun way to break up your school week. We’ll enjoy fellowship, snacks, and share the major milestones of the past week.
  • Sunday Night Small Groups (5-7). Join us for snacks, fellowship, and a chance to have deeper discussions about the Bible, the world around us, and what it means to have an active relationship with Jesus. Small groups will be divided into Tweens (4-6th grades), Middle School (7-8th grades), and High School (9-12th grades).

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This year, a group of students, parents, volunteers, and the youth director met together to create a set of core values for our group. These values serve as our foundation for youth ministry, and everything we do points to one or more of them. If you want to learn more about R|Youth, check out the values below and see if that’s what you’re looking for in a youth group.

  • All Teens are welcome at R|Youth. God created a diverse kingdom, so we accept teens from all backgrounds and walks of life. We strive to connect with them where they are.
  • Our environment is built on fellowship and fun. R|Youth is a safe place where friendships are formed by playing games, developing trust, and sharing life together.
  • We strive to serve others. We are Christ’s hands and feet, so we show His love by helping our church and community.
  • Spiritual growth is essential. True transformation happens when we learn together. We use a variety of approaches to worship, learn more about God, and build personal, passionate, and active relationships with Jesus.
  • We aspire to increase our Biblical knowledge. God’s word influences our lives therefore it’s important for us to study its context, meaning, and applications.
  • We are an active part of the church family. We discover and develop each youth’s spiritual gifts to further the mission and vision of the church.


Jamie Smith, Director of Youth Ministries

Her goal is to ensure all students have a safe space to grow with each other and in relationship with Jesus. If you want to get to know her better, reach out and meet up for coffee (it’s one of her favorite things to do).