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Whether online or in person…welcome home.

R|KIDS 1/17/21

In lieu of this week’s online kids moment video let our Director of Children’s Ministries, Britta Alton, know how she can pray for you and your family. Post in social media groups or email britta@ringgoldumc.org.

Get K’Nected – Are you a connecter hub?

Join in with Bobby, our Connections Director, as he shares about the importance of being connected and how a child’s toy helps illustrate that need for connections. Get connected in an Adult Connections Group

Worship with recovery

Recovery Worship is for all who are in need for support, encouragement, and growth due to all of life’s habits, hangups, addictions, hurts, and difficulties. Worship online right now. https://www.facebook.com/RecoveryAtRinggold/videos/720764782144359

Location Details

7484 Nashville Street Ringgold, GA 30736

  • Sunday
    (In Person and Live Stream)
    9:00 am – Traditional Worship
    11:00 am – Contemporary Worship

  • (706) 935-4777


Mental Health

What we think about and focus on determines so much of where we spend our time and what goals we do or do not accomplish. Mental health is KEY now more than ever. How healthy are you mentally? Join in as Pastor Chris shares practical tools to help us get into shape mentally.

What’s Missing

Many people were (and still are) waiting for the arrival of someone to revolutionize the world. We have a way of so creating in our minds a picture of someone or something that would make things better that we have missed the arrival of Jesus as a baby more than 2000 years ago. Not only have many missed him, but much is missing in our own lives because of this mistaken picture of the coming king. Key Text: Matthew 2:1-12…

Were You There?

Who greeted Jesus after His birth? Who was there in that first nativity? If you were around, would have you been numbered in that first welcome party? Join in as Lay Leader, Marty McGee, explores these ideas. Key Text: Matthew 2:1-14

Online Giving

Tithe and give online with our online giving system.